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"Sammi-Select combines proven social science with ethically deployed technology for fair, more objective, cost-efficient people-selection while overcoming social distancing restrictions."

Why put up with:

  • • Selection processes that overlook excellent people
  • • Biased approaches
  • • Costly ineffective methods
  • • Pandemic driven disruption
  • • Unproven methods that do not reflect your organisation’s values

SAMMI™ can help!

Your Customisable Digital Interview Solution

SAMMI™ is a fully-automated interview system, leveraging proven social science to:

  • Improve the quality of your people-selection

  • Reduce human bias through scientifically proven methods

  • Cut costs by at least 50%

  • Overcome social distancing and travel restrictions

Successfully trialled in the UK & US with academic experts, SAMMI™ can be customised to suit your criteria and needs informing both pre-selection and/or final interview decisions.

The SAMMI™ difference:

  • • Focus on objectivity

  • • Prioritises equal opportunities

  • • Uniquely evidence-based

  • • Scientifically proven

  • • Fully customisable

  • • Evaluates responses against your organisational values and attributes

  • • Individual candidate feedback generated

  • • Curated by academic experts

  • • Successfully trialled in the UK and US

  • • Informs pre-selection and/or final interview decisions

  • • Scalable up & down

  • • Showcases candidates’ potential in open response format

Designed to augment and not replace you leaving final decisions in your hands!

About Us

The Sammi-Select Team

Our team comprises key individuals with all the necessary skills and drive to help improve your selection process. They understand your candidate selection problems and how technology can help.

Alison Callwood

CEO & Co-Founder

Lee Gillam

CTO & Co-Founder

Angelos Christidis

Software Engineer

Andy Whitehair

Non-Executive Director

Mark Hennessy

Executive Advisor

Our co-founder, Dr Alison Callwood, has experienced first-hand the frustrations and issues associated with candidate selection. She has dedicated over 15 years to researching new, innovative & proven interview methods across university education/healthcare and industry as well as non-governmental & charitable organisations established international networks, recognition and publications.

Our co-founder Dr Lee Gillam has over two decades of complementary technical expertise in AI, Data Analytics, and Cloud Computing, uniquely placing Sammi-Select at the forefront of candidate selection innovation. Lee is an IT/CS Expert with extensive innovation experience in science and business.

Angelos Christidis is our Principal Software Engineer, backed by relevant publications at internationally recognised conferences - with further research and patent activities, multiple hackathon wins and cutting edge projects in the pipeline. Angelos built the SAMMI proof-of-concept and is expert in leading-edge software development.

Andy Whitehair is our Non-Executive Director with over 15 years’ experience in technology business leadership for large organisations including eBay.

Mark Hennessy is our Executive Advisor with over 30 years’ experience in Recruitment and HR Consulting. He has held successful leadership positions including for the IoT Technology Manufacturing firm Pelipod (acquired by BT) in addition to NED roles. Mark is also an active mentor within SETsquared, an award-winning business technology incubator working with a network of UK Universities to successfully support early-stage start-ups.

Sammi-Select Expert Advisory Board

Our Advisory Board provides us with external perspective, largely focused on how to make SAMMI even more useful to industrial, academic, government and non-governmental organisations.

Dr. Emily Williams

Academic Lead for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, University of Surrey. Social epidemiologist

Anton I Botha

Former Head of Talent Selection Innovation at the United Nations / Industrial & Organizational Psychologist / Co-Founder, Antro-Analytics

Dave Mills

25+ years experience in the Recruitment field, Leader and Expert in Talent Acquisition, Development and the use of new technology in HR

Angela Kubacki

Associate Dean for Admissions, Senior Lecturer, St George’s, University of London, Chartered Health Psychologist.

Dr. Paul Tiffin

NHS Phychiatrist & Reader in Psychometric Epidemiology, University of York

Britt Hughes

Held senior HR positions including European HR Director for Google. Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development; experienced NED.

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